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 Current Tap Selections

Our beer is brewed fresh and in limited quantities. This list is subject to change at anytime

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Raspberry Wheat Ale

5.8% ABV

Our raspberry wheat is a beautifully easy beer to drink. It has a crisp, floral aroma with hints of fresh raspberry on the nose and palate.

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blonde ale

9% ABV

Brewed to create a nice clean biscuit taste with the aroma and backbone flavor from the pomegranate .

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6.8% ABV

The sweetness and distinct flavor of maple syrup combined with an exclusive mix of specialty malts create this flavorful medium-bodied porter!

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German Pilsner

5.2% ABV

Our Flagship beer. A crisp refreshing German pilsner, brewed exclusively with Saaz hops to give the perfect balance of flavor and bitterness.

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6.2% abv

 Mango New England IPA
This juicy, hazy New England style IPA is brewed with fresh mango and is dry-hopped with comet hops for a unique flavorful finish

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Fruited Sour

4.8% ABV

  • This fruited sour is loaded with black currant and blackberry. We added vanilla bean and lactose for a smooth finish. Tart, refreshing and easy drinking.

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New England


7% abv

A True New England Style IPA with an aromatic blend of Mosaic hops and citrus flavors.  Double dry hopped and whirlpooled to create a juicy, hazy and medium bodied IPA

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Summer Ale

5% ABV

Sit back and relax with a refreshing Summer Ale! This American Wheat Ale is light and easy drinking. A blend of lemon and sweet orange peel give this brew a citrusy, crisp finish. Grains of paradise are added during the boil, bringing out a nice subtle spice on the palate.

*Contains Lemon & Orange*

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Irish Red Ale

5% ABV

  • This Irish-Red Ale is amber in color and has a medium body with notes of Carmel and Toffee.

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