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Under the Bridge

New England IPA

6% ABV

This juicy, easy drinking New England IPA has Citra lupamax hops added into the whirlpool and then double dry hopped with bru-1 and Citra lupamax



Maple Porter

6.8% ABV



The sweetness and distinct flavor of maple syrup combined with an exclusive mix of specialty malts create this flavorful medium-bodied porter!



7% ABV


Using our unique mixture of  five specialty malts to create a well balanced, robust chocolate toned porter. Medium bodied with a smooth finish.

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New England


7% abv

A True New England Style IPA with an aromatic blend of Mosaic hops and citrus flavors.  Double dry hopped and whirlpooled to create a juicy, hazy and medium bodied IPA

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Imperial Stout

8% ABV


 Named after the street where Troy City Brewing  began,  Wellington is our signature Imperial Stout aged in whiskey Barrels. A rich combination of malts  and caramel flavors,  creates a smooth, creamy, full bodied stout

 Anawan St

Pale Ale

6% ABV



Our take classic pale ale double dry hopped with Amarillo and Citra hops, medium bodied with a full aromatic and flavorful finish

Imperial Stout

12% ABV



Our Wellington imperial stout, aged with oak and whiskey to create a bold, flavorful imperial stout.

 oak n whiskey

New England IPA  

7% ABV


A True New England Style IPA with an aromatic blend of Mosaic hops and citrus flavors.  Double dry hopped and whirlpooled to create a juicy, hazy and medium bodied IPA


India Pale Lager  

6.6% ABV


This medium bodied IPL has Amarillo and Citras hops introduced during the boil, and is then dryhopped with more Amarillo hops to create a clean, crisp, and slightly bitter finish.


Double IPA - 9.0% ABV


Using a copious amount of Citra and mosaic hops, Waterfront is whirlpooled and double dry hopped to a unique juicy, hazy, double ipa



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4.8% abv

 Crisp, refreshing and full of flavor are the words that come to mind with every sip. We added fresh Orange and vanilla in the brite tank creating a creamsicle flavor. This lager is very easy drinking and perfect for the summer months. *contains orange and vanilla*

 Baker st
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Pumpkin ale

5.8% abv


Welcome Fall with our Baker St. Pumpkin Ale! An aroma of cinnamon and harvest spices pairing perfectly with the pumpkin in a crisp, yet bold copper-colored ale!

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6.2% abv

 Mango New England IPA
This juicy, hazy New England style IPA is brewed with fresh mango and is dry-hopped with comet hops for a unique flavorful finish

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wandering owl
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Espresso Porter

5.8% abv

This robust espresso porter will keep you wandering the night away. The roasted malts paired with a large amount of coffee, makes this robust porter a must try.*contains espresso*

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5.8% abv

A traditional Belgian Saison brewed with a mixture of rye and German malts. At the end of the boil, Grains of Paradise are added to help build a spicy flavor profile.

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Toasted Chocolate Marshmallow Porter

6.3% abv

This frightfully delicious porter gets its name from one of Fall River's spookiest spots! This full-bodied porter combines toasted marshmallow and smooth silky chocolate creating the perfect fall brew!

Blonde Ale 

5.2% ABV 


Take a ride through the historic Highlands with this blonde ale! Brewed to create a smooth, slightly hazy ale with a light biscuit flavor


New England IPA

7% ABV


Our signature Vermont ale yeast combined with our unique citrus hop blend. Creates a juicy, hazy, hop bomb with a medium body.

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Blood Orange


5.2% ABV

Beware of this deliciously dangerous brew! Brewed to be crisp and refreshing,  Bengal infuses the flavors of the blood orange,  which adds a  juicy, citrus filled finish